BNP continues efforts to keep country in dark : Hasan


News Mail Online : Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud today said BNP is continuing its efforts to keep the country in the darkness.
When BNP was in power, it had kept the country in darkness. And the party continued its ill-efforts to do the same in the last 12 years, he told reporters after a view-exchange meeting here.
Hasan, also the Awami League joint general secretary, exchanged views with the leaders of the film producers and exhibitors at his Montu Road official residence on the occasion of Shaheed Noor Hossain Day.
He said people know how the country was put in the darkness when BNP was in power, and even when the people have given the responsibility of running the state to Prime Minister Shaikh Hasina, it has been trying to keep the country in the darkness for the last 12 years.
About the BNP’s allegations that Awami League is destroying democracy and politicizing the Election Commission (EC), the AL joint general secretary said: We have been hearing the same allegations for the last 12 years.
He said BNP never thinks of people as all its statements and movements are the EC- and the caretaker government-centric.
Reminding that BNP was born undemocratically in army barracks standing on the corpses of hundreds of military officers and soldiers, Hasan said everyone knows how the BNP took the country into darkness when it was in power from 2001 to 2006.
At that time, he said, the country had become champion in corruption five times in a row, while a parallel government was run by Hawa Bhaban and Khowab Bhaban was a place of entertainment.
The information minister said all the militants including “Bangla Bhai” and “Shaykh Abdur Rahman” emerged during the BNP regime, while bombs were exploded on the court premises and streets and simultaneously at more than 500 places in 63 districts.
He said the BNP not only boycotted the elections aiming to destroy democracy, but also killed hundreds of people with petrol bombs to halt the elections.
No such incidents would be found in the civilised world, Hasan said, adding a Canadian court identified BNP as a terrorist party.
Recalling the contribution of Noor Hossain, who was killed on November 10 in 1987, to the restoration democracy in the country, he said Noor Hossain’s name will be inscribed with blood as a living poster in the history of the country’s democratic movement.
Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina has been fighting for democracy since her return home in 1981, the information minister said, adding she brought back democracy in the country, which was repeatedly captured and violated by the Ziaur Rahman and Ershad governments.