Big fight on Sunny Leone’s shoot


Sunny Leone must have wondered what’s happening on her recent shoot of Vikram Bhatt’s web show ‘Anamika’ the other day but perhaps before she could blink, the ‘Raaz’ filmmaker had whisked her into her vanity van so that she could be safe while he dealt with the sudden ugly situation that had cropped up on the sets. Firstly, the shoot in question was stopped and secondly, Vikram had to reschedule the venue for another day at extra cost- and not before he was compelled to pay up Bollywood’s well-known action director-stunt coordinator Abbas Ali Moghul he says, to the tune of Rs 13-14 lakh.  The story goes that Leone was shooting for ‘Anamika’, when according to Vikram, the set was suddenly invaded by a few people from the Fighters’ Association demanding that Vikram should pay up Rs 38 lakh to Abbas, for his services on 8 shows with Vikram in the recent past. Rewinds Vikram, “I was bewildered. I really didn’t know what to do, but my first reaction of course was to ensure that Sunny Leone is safe. Soon, I was forced to send snapshots of the cheques that I will give Abbas. Later, a certain Murtaza from his team dropped by on the set to collect the cheques. By then, the sun had set and I could not complete the planned scenes.”  The portal also got in touch with Abbas who said, “Ab kya bolun? Fighters’ Association is looking into this and hopefully they’ll be able to resolve it.”  Retorts Vikram, “What are they talking about? Resolve what? If I missed two calls from Abbas, couldn’t he have reached out in several other ways? And mind you, it wasn’t Rs 38 lakh that I had to give him. There was no agreement or contract that he had done with me. He didn’t even have an invoice to offer.” Ejaz Gulab (General Secretary of Fighters’ Association/ Movie Stunt Artistes Association) says that the man who was brought in place of Abbas, a certain Moses, also withdrew from the shoot to support Abbas.