Young girl force rape in Maheshpur

Victim Mother’s seek fair justice

Oliar Rahman, Maheshpur

The mother of a helpless girl held a press conference at Maheshpur Press Club on Saturday demanding justice. A Man has been raping his daughter day after day by holding her pornographic video hostage. She demanded his trial.

Sajeda Begum, wife of Billal Hossain of Purandapur village in Maheshpur upazila, told a news conference that Shahidul, son of Abdus Sattar of the same village, had secretly recorded a video of his daughter taking a bath and raped her day after day, threatening to spread it on the internet.

She tried to seduce him, but now he is threatening her. If we inform our parents and close relatives about the matter, they are also threatening us. Sajedba Begum said that even though various people including the police station went to the door about the matter, no one judged them.

He said in tears, now he is helpless with his daughter. There is no other way but suicide. The dresses are in the shadow of the influential people of the area. Which is why they are now suffering from insecurity. He sought the intervention of the higher authorities of the government. Authorities advised Maheshpur police to go to the court on Friday evening to lodge a complaint.