Barsha back with her new song title ‘Super Duper Hot’


Entertainment Desk :- Barsha Chowdhury, once a popular singer, is returning to her music career after a decade with the song of Anurup Aich, the country’s renowned lyricist and write,r Recently, Barsha sang this new song.

The song title ‘Super Duper Hot’ to the tune of FA Pritam. The song will be released on Barsha’s Verified Facebook page and YouTube channel. In this context, singer Barsha Chowdhury said, “I came to the media as a singer. The song is in my blood. I have not been able to publish new songs for last few years due to my busy schedule.  But at this time in Corona, it seems that I can present new songs to my fans without merely sitting at home. So I did the new item song with the initiative of Anurup Aich. Hopefully, my fans will be happy to hear the new item song ‘Super Duper Hot’ in my voice.”

On the other hand, Aich said “I wrote the song ‘Hridayer Aina’ a few years age Barsha. The song was well received by her voice to the fans.  But she hasn’t released new songs in many years. At my request, she is appearing again with the new song ‘Super Duper Hot’. The Fans of both of us must be very happy to hear this item song.